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Dec 31, 2012 12:00pm EST
the government of europe and the european union to designate hezbollah as a terrorist organization and impotion sanctions and urging the president to provide information about hezbollah to the european allies of the united states and support the government of bulgaria in investigating the july 18, 2012, terrorist attack on burgas. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the rule, the gentlewoman from florida, ms. ros-lehtinen, and the gentleman from new york, mr. engel, will each control 20 minutes. the gentleman from florida is recognized. ms. ros-lehtinen: i ask unanimous consent that all members have five legislative days to rhett re-their remarks and to insert extraneous materials into the record on this measure. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. ms. ros-lehtinen: i thank the speaker. i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is recognized for such time as she wishes -- wishes to consume. ms. ros-lehtinen: thank you, mr. speaker. i rise in strong support of house resolution 834 introduced by my good friend and colleague from pennsylvania, mr.
Dec 7, 2012 8:00pm PST
and there are fores that hezbollah might get ahold of them, you might see some special forces on the ground. the idea of chemical weapons, especially for close allies like israel getting into the hands of hezbollah is really frightening to them and us. short of military action, we're going to recognize the opposition next week, hillary clinton is we are sending patriot missiles, batteries for turkey for the border there. there's a lot going on behind the scenes just short of intervening. there was talk about armying the rebels. they've -- arming the rebels. they've overrun so many bases apparently they have enough weapons now to sort of turn the timed. >> isn't this the same thing we had in libya? you go in on the side of the rebels, but you don't know their own power structure. >> right, and we've held them in arm's way because we didn't feel comfortable. we didn't have enough confidence that those were the ones that would actually comb to the fore in doha we twisted arms to get a more umbrella inclusive group now recognized by all our all liss. there's a sense that they have -- they're moderate mos
Dec 12, 2012 7:00pm EST
piles, of which it is a huge amount to potentially hezbollah or irani revolutionary guards who are forces for the desperate forces that fight for the survival of the regime. >> let's assume you're right and he's transferring these weapons and missiles. what can we do about these? >> on two things we can do. incinerate the stock piles from the air before they're tliefl loaded on scud missiles or it's going to take a significant ground invasion of about 50,000 troops from wherever they're going to come from, i don't know, to basically secure these stock piles because syria, larry, has the largest stockpile of chemical weapons in the entire middle east outside of iran. >> that statement, 50,000 troops to secure it. who and where is that going to come from? >> well, that's the question of what do as the president mean when he said that syria better not cross that red line. what's the or else? what are the consequences? has this administration done the adequate preparation to secure these weapons so they're not used as a final act of desperation against sear i don't's population. th
Dec 16, 2012 2:00pm EST
, is a threat to the american people. look at the linkage between america and iran, and hezbollah and al qaeda. what is the connection between hezbollah and iran and venezuela? ways their weekly flights flying from tehran to nicaragua. the history to the shared values, the american value, israeli values to which you represent. if you ignore the threat coming from iran, it will come to the show with the united states and tomorrow we're going to remember the incident in the attack of 9/11. al qaeda decided to attack new york city. they could do with the capability and can share with you with all due respect to our intelligence into her security systems if al qaeda had wanted to attack in tel aviv the israeli tower, they would've been able to do it. but they chose to attack here in the u.s., here in washington d.c. why? because they wanted to send a message and for that matter i hope that the united states of america and whoever we elect him will take a leadership decision playmobil decision. maybe it's not popular, but it would be more decision to stop the nuclear race in iran today. i don't kno
Dec 18, 2012 10:00am EST
partnered with hezbollah, a foreign terrorist organization, to carry out the attack. since then, tehran has only increased its subversive actions as well as their diplomatic and economic relations with radical regimes in latin america. iran's ahmadinejad made two trips to latin america this year in an attempt to garner support from his fellow tyrants, the castro brothers in cuba, ortega in nicaragua with a, chavez in venezuela, and morales in bolivia. the iranian deputy foreign minister finished a similar tour around latin america seeking support for a nuclear iran. . iran continues to expand its influence throughout the region, opening more embassies and more cultural centers in bolivia, ecuador, nicaragua, colombia, chile and uruguay, in addition to its existing diplomatic missions in cuba, argentina, brazil, mexico and venezuela. according to a u.s. intelligence analyst, these diplomatic missions are simply fronts for iran to carry out its nefarious activities in the region and a potential platform to increase the presence of operatives, a designated foreign terrorist organization and an
Dec 7, 2012 6:00am EST
was there during the war with hezbollah as iranian and syrian made missiles slammed into neighborhoods, slammed into the porch, at one point they even targeted the hospital there. in that hospital i saw 600 civilian victims of these missiles, iranian made and syrian made and that inventory of iranian supplied weapons continues to increase arithmetically as hezbollah expands its delivery capability. those of us who have seen the consequence of that kind of carnage can only contemplate the consequences if it happens that this terrorist sponsoring genocide threatening regime ends up with the world's most destructive weapons. we know that the president has said not on my watch but we have to see the administration backed with the urgency that this threat demands. we cannot have opposition to the latest sanctions effort. we can't have this has been done before. we need sanctions that are going to turn the iranian people against the regime as fast as they can be turned. iran's leadership must feel that their survival is at grave risk if they continue on the nuclear path. and if they don't see it that
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Dec 5, 2012 4:00pm PST
of the fighting in syria spill over but what you have inside lebanon is hezbollah. you have potentially, potentially for some of our enemies to get involved in this situation. tell me what that might look like. >> well, harris what we know is that hezbollah has already had training camps inside syria. and has been receiving its help from iran through syria. so there is a nexus and an easy pathway between lebanon, hezbollah, syria, the regime in syria and iran. now, it's our understanding that even the iranians are not in favor of the assad regime using these chemical weapons. so this is something that is really almost unthinkable that a regime would weapon nice saran gas and would appear to be making preparations to use those weapons that is what has people concerned in washington tonight. it is a red line as you said but there is very little that the u.s. can do to stop the assad regime because if, as we mentioned, this saran gas urengs, once it is mixed it has to be used within a certain number of days. within 60 days. this puts the obama administration in a very difficult position. i
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Dec 6, 2012 10:00pm PST
policy we have the danger of chemical weapons being given to hezbollah. 17,000 syrians have been mass schedule and the united states is standing by doing nothing and it's disgraceful and shameful. the president of the united states won't even speak up for these people, let alone do anything. he doesn't want america to lead. >> that was six months ago. so was anyone listening to senator mccain? we spoke with him earlier tonight. >> senator, nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> this is very different than anything else we've faced, the possibility that syria will unleach chemical weapons. what can we do? edses intervene with president assad and try to convince him this is committing suicide with horrific consequences. it's one of the most -- this sarin gas, one of the most lethal gas that's ever been invented. and the second thing is to convince bashar assad, that i'm not sure he's convinced of, that the consequences of these weapons would have an immediate and devastating response. and reason why i say i'm not sure he believes us, he's watched us leave arack in disarray, he's watch
Dec 29, 2012 4:00am PST
what have i done lately? that picture was taken in northern lebanon, several years ago when hezbollah and israel were going at it. hezbollah firing katyusha rockets into israel. the israeli has just hit a building here that they believe housed some hezbollah leaders. we rushed over there to get some pictures and to do an on-camera piece. i remember telling the camera person, i could hear the israeli drone overhead which means they were still checking it out. maybe they wanted a follow upstrike. i said one take and we're out of here, and i'll never forget. i nailed it, one take. dada dada da to the lighting. i didn't like the lighting, let's do it again. dude! three takes and we were out of there. you can't see the drones, but you can hear it as it's flying over. very freaky. >> are there stories where you walk away with your faith in humanity having been restored? >> all the time. sometimes when i give speeches, one of the things i say, none of us -- first of all, none of us knows we're capable of until we are trulli tested and i see that all the time when i cover disasters, and i see
Dec 6, 2012 1:00pm EST
qaeda, iranian agents or hezbollah, these are all questions congressman royce is exploring. america's influence works in ways large and small. few people understand that better than incoming house foreign affairs committee chairman ed royce. please join me in welcoming him to f.d.d.'s washington forum. >> let me thank mark here and thank the foundation for the defense of democracies. what i want to express is my appreciation as a member of the house for the work that you do, for the work product that you provide us, i can say i only wish we had deployed that more decisively sooner, but in terms of what you do, in terms of the analysis that you provide, in terms of the communication, the ability to communicate that to members of the senate and the house, i have to say it's the whole package and it is very important work. and i think if i could share one thought in particular is your work on sanctions emenergy sanctions that i think is critical. and i want to say congratulations. i saw director woolsey when i came in and i appreciate the briefings we have received from him and the abi
Dec 7, 2012 12:00pm EST
not end up in the hands of al qaeda, iranian agents or hezbollah? these are all questions congressman royce is exploring. america's influence works in ways large and small. few people understand that better than incoming house foreign affairs committee chairman ed royce. please join me in welcoming him to fdd's washington forum. [applause] >> well let me thank mark here and thank the foundation for the defense democracies. really what i want to express is my appreciation as a member of house for the work that you do, for the work product that you provide us. i can say i only wish we had deployed that more decisively sooner but in terms of what you do in research, in terms of the analysis that you provide, in terms of the communication, the ability to communicate that to members of the senate and the house, i have to say it's the whole package and it is very important work. and i think if i could share one thought in particular, it is your work on sanctions especially energy sanctions, that, i think has been critical and, i want to say congratulations. i saw, i saw director woolsey whe
Dec 5, 2012 12:00am PST
, but hezbollah, which iran and syria have supported on israel's northern border in lebanon have somewhere in the order of 40,000 rockets and missiles, some of them pretty well advanced. i think one of the worries is that somehow maybe hezbollah could get ahold of some of those chemical weapons. >> from syria? >> if syria lets them go in some way. but i think you face a number of countries that have these capabilities and they are not -- there was a certain -- when you were dealing with great powers, if you will, you had more confidence in terms of the control systems, in terms of reduced risk of these weapons getting out of the hand of the government or of the military, and i think that the worry that people have now, i think, you know, people always ask us, you know, what is your biggest nightmare? well, it is a weapon of mass destruction falling in the hands of the terrorists, and we were very fortunate with al qaeda, we know al qaeda was trying their darnedest to get nuclear weapons and chemical weapons and so on. so far, they appear to have paid in that. >> rose: where did they come
Dec 25, 2012 7:30am EST
in january of 9094. >> by who and how? >> most likely by the fanatical wing of hezbollah, a group known as islamist jihads the comprised lebanese shia who had historically been underprivileged, excluded from the politics and economics of the country, had ideological affinity for the regime in iran, from 1979 and have been radical in the israeli purge to lebanon in the 1980s. there is a very toxic mix that let them should make steps the climax of the assassination of malcolm kerr. >> was he targeted? >> because he was an american. not only american, but very visible presence in the middle east. there is no more high-profile example of america's involvement in the region in the presence of uav. >> this american university put in beirut on purpose? back in 1850s, what was beirut like? >> a ruthless and still is a multicultural cosmopolitan international city, were east meets west. then and now, muslims and christians on mexico exist to a different degree and the american missionary presence in the middle east was significant in beirut and it became sort of launching pad for creating what b
Dec 23, 2012 10:00am EST
happen to him. iran, hezbollah has been there fighting on his side, supplying him with all kinds of things. russia has been a bad player here. we think maybe we can pull things away a little bit. it is a big plus that we have finally recognized code along with other countries the opposition. >> i want to pursue a little bit on what you said about helping to arm rebels in syria. what do you know -- >> their arms that are going to the rebels. we know that is happening. >> is the american government helping to facilitate that? >> think we know what is going on. i am not saying we're facilitating it, but we know that the rebels are getting the arms as they need. >> previously the obama administration said there redline was to see chemical weapons moved and prepared for use. now it seems that there redline is the actual use of these weapons. what do think the red line should be? >> @ think we have made it clear to assad that it is unacceptable to use these weapons, and i do not think he is going to do it. >> the obama administration has approved increased sanctions on iran. as the hea
Dec 20, 2012 7:00pm PST
terms. three fighters are filtering into syria to join the rebels, and hezbollah and iraqi shia are supporting the government. the report says there are foreign fighters, some with links to extremist groups, and some anti-government forces are becoming radicalized. we have met foreign fighters in syria. some of the groups they operate with work independently of the free syrian army. gov some have made clear they do not recognize the syrian national council and want an islamic state in syria. >> fears are growing that the war may not end with president assad leaving power. the u.n. has said there is a possibility of reprisal killings and prolonged and violence that could last four years after the government fall. the conflict is eggs and -- is approaching its second year. so far the euan report was the gloomiest assessment yet. heraso's president has said cares more about preventing chaos than keeping president assad in power. vladimir putin also blamed the u.s. for poisoning relations, and he is backing a draft law that bans americans from adopting russian children. the united n
Dec 21, 2012 5:30am PST
terms. foreign fighters are filtering into syria to join the rebels, and lebanese hezbollah and ha possibly iraqi shia are supporting the government. where are foreign fighters, some with links to extremist groups, and some anti-government forces are becoming radicalized. we have met foreign fighters and they do not make up the majority of the opposition, but some work independently from the mainstream army. and some have made clear they do not recognize the syrian national council the main political body in exile and want an islamic state. fears are growing that the war may not enlist president bashar al-assad leading power. there is the possibility of reprisal killings and prolong the violence that could last for years after the government. the conflict is approaching its second year. while this was not the first time warnings have been made, so far the u.n. reports is the gloomiest assessment of the conflict yet. >> the u.n. has given the go- ahead for military intervention in northern mali, but also wants to see efforts of political rally and -- political reconciliation. the tr
Dec 24, 2012 4:15pm EST
certainly was not a lackey of the united states, and israel. in fact he was supported of hezbollah, amass, iran, and other groups and states, that had a lot of street credibility in the arab world. so they thought it would pass them over. in fact i know that president bashar had mentioned -- commissioned three studies in february and march before the uprising broke out, and all three said, no, it's not going to happen in syria. so he felt pretty confident. i know for -- i can guarantee you that he was absolutely shocked when the uprising really started to seep into syria, particularly, of course, what lit the fire was the arrest and roughing up of the 15 school age children, teenagers, in the southern city of duras in syria. that touched a nerve. that sort of thing happened in syria quite a bit over the years, but in the new circumstances of the arab spring, and the regime didn't under the new circumstances -- it just grew and grew and grew after that. and it unleashed -- i think this pentup frustration, especially among an empowered and energized and largely disenfranchised youth, especi
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Dec 8, 2012 2:00am PST
's ambiguity that is used in did i diplomacy. what we don't want is hezbollah, for instance, to get ahold of some of these chemical weapons and they're near sop of these weapon sites. there's a political element here that might be changing, and that is russia's position. if russia unloads their support of assad, i think assad is almost gone, and you are seeing that happening with assad saying he's going to use some of these chemical weapons. it's desperation. what i think we also are seeing is stronger pressure from some of the other surrounding countries, turkey, qatar, i think the european union is seeing the effects of assad falling and by the way, the use of chemical weapons hasn't happened. they've brought some of the sarin together. >> i wonder if some of these chemical weapons could have been transferred from iraq and lead up to the war. dick cheney said last night, andy, that our alleys no longer trust us and our allies and our enemies no longer fear us. what do you think of that? >> well, look. i think he's right. i think in this equation it's clear that president obama again has
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Dec 9, 2012 11:00am PST
into the wrong hands. imagine, hezbollah would get its hands on chemical weapons that could kill thousands of people. >> chris: the u.s. drew a red line this week which is different than israelis. it's if assad uses them against his own people, israel's line is if assad were to lose control or give the weapons to extremists, which raises the question, how big a presence do jihadist and those allied to al-qaeda play in the rebels who oppose and fide assad and syria? >> we support the president's red line as well. the prime minister supports the red lines in syria. the jihady presence is big and getting bigger. the longer the conflict goes, the bigger it will get. >> do you worry about the possibility of losing assad but get a situation where you have al-qaeda factions running part of syria? >> we've long advocated for bashar al-assad departure. we came to the administration years ago and said bashar al-assad is too reckless. his father was -- he was reckless but predictable. his son is reckless and irresponsible and ruthless and provided 70,000 rockets. tens of thousands of rockets to terro
Dec 19, 2012 1:00am PST
by iranian revolutionary guard. they are allied with hezbollah. we were told that they wanted to exchange us for four iranian agents and two lebanese people who were from the movement. they captured us in order to carry out this exchange. and that's what they were hoping to do. they were going to bring us to a hezbollah stronghold inside syria right now. we were on our way there when we ran into this rebel checkpoint and we had this escape and freedom. >> and richard, john, and ghazi, i know you all are all very experienced. but i'm wondering how you are feeling this morning, how you're doing and how you're processing what must have been an absolutely terrifying experience. >> ghazi, you want that? >> well, to be honest, when we first got captured, for me at least it was a bit of a moment of disbelief. but i've worked with those guys for a long time in harsh environments. and we get each other very well. we work with each other very well. i was actually captured with them because we kept each other's spirits up. i'll be honest. they were long, hard five days. my family, my brother, my parent
Dec 6, 2012 8:00pm EST
. with the help of hezbollah to turn into to much worse.bushed militia with the help of the cuts force as well. so they .., but then they looked to other possibilities. i syria began to fragment into various regions controlled by different militias, they have looked to alliances of convenience with groups such as the pkk, the courtesy and working party. they've used the pkk in order to pressure turkey against interference in syria. but this relationship opens the door for future collaboration whereby the ukrainians could create various islands of influence with a number of militias. so you have in the coastal region with a 70 predominate essentially a 70% for iranian and russian support. since i've started thinking about these things, there have been developments there, too because the rebels have been able to make inroads into the alawite coastal, on the western coast of syria. especially from the north where the rebels have been very strong and in the provinces. that made inroads into the alawite coastal mountain take hold of some alawite villages. when they got there there wasn't anyone there c
Dec 6, 2012 11:00pm EST
a very broad brush here because there are many different types of islamists and are certainly hezbollah shares fared better with the muslim brotherhood. watching how things go in egypt and egypt is mentioned quite a bit because it's role in the region and the weight that carries. somebody who considers themselves a sec other liberal, i'm not too upset about the way things are going in egypt. i'm not too upset about facing millions of angry egyptians in the street. i take note may come to power and all of a sudden a treaty with israel is not their number one priority. but they're not banning alcohol and nightclubs for the sake of the economy. when we talk about islamists, we have to take note that some islamists are different than others and some will naturally have today more pragmatic affair in a position of power. i'll stop there. >> rob, do you want to kick that went off? >> i have a couple thoughts. this is also connected to another slippery ice pick to the argument. if on the one hand -- if on the one hand people -- islamists it will people of faith, everyone on the other side are
Dec 18, 2012 8:00pm EST
's ally hezbollah. in addition to the critical support that hezbollah are providing for serious assad regime, over the past year, there's been a significant escalation in iranian-backed terrorism. hezbollah's activity has reached an tempo unseen since the 1990s with the attacks plottedded in southeast asia, europe, and calf with a. it appears they carried out an attack in bull gear ya with the airport bombing in july. the forces saw to attack in georgia, india, thailand, and most brazenly here in washington, d.c. taking steps to crack down on the activities has been a top priority. we launched a whole government approach to counter hezbollah and the activity including increased law enforcement, intelligence and diplomatic initiatives. we're targeting hezbollah's financing including three the see seizure of $150 million when facilitied a vast narcotics money learning scene. we're urging countries to take a crack down on hem including thereupon sanctions, increased law enforcement and intelligence focus and strong public messaging. we have been engaging with the partners in europe and c
Dec 18, 2012 11:00pm EST
corps is in tehran's ally, hezbollah. in addition to the critical support the quds force has provided for the assad regime over the past year has been iranian backed terrorism. in fact hezbollah's activities reached a tempo unseat since the 1990s of the tax funded in southeast asia, europe and africa and it appears the group has carried out an attack about. as we saw with the airport bombing in july. the quds force in india, talent and must bracingly here in washington d.c. taking steps to crack down on activities has been a top priority when it launched a whole government approach to counter higher gc activities including my enforcement, intelligence and diplomatic intelligence on trade issues. including the seizure of $150 million to the lebanese canadian bank had facilitated a fast narcotics and money laundering scheme. we urge countries to take a wide range of steps to crack down on hezbollah and the cubs force including sanctions come increased law enforcement and intelligence focus and strong public messaging. we've been engaging with reversing your premiere cautiously optimisti
Dec 3, 2012 7:00pm EST
, movement that might lead chemical weapons let's say, for example to go to hezbollah we should take action we the united states. >> the sad story, larry, is that april 5th, 2003, iraq moved its wmd, all of it including weapons systems that can launch the grad and supergrad missiles from iraq into syria, into assad's hands. they did this under the control of their russian allies. syria still has russian allies with, has its russian allies supervising or at least watching the wmd in syria. the u.s. knows the. this is a game being played by politics. mr. obama is not speak being to assad. assad is beyond hearing. he's speaking to moscow. don't let this happen. he's talking directly to putin. >> let me go back to your other fascinating point opinion you say back in 2003, of course this was the weapons of mass destruction that president bush and the intelligence agencies around the world never were able to discover. you're saying, john, that the russians carted or flew those wmds, these were chemical weapons of mass destruction that the russians carted those wmds from iraq to syria but, in fact
Dec 15, 2012 3:05pm EST
relevant? the threat of terrorism from al-qaeda or hezbollah is grave, but it comes from foreigners, not misguided americans, or does it? should we be more concerned about the attraction of extremist views to american citizens? timely, the old issue, which also came up in the last panel, chambers' pessimism. he thought he joined the losing side, famously. would he they that, today, he wrote that in this entry that the next decades will be decided for all mankind whether the world is to be communism, free, or the struggle of civilization as we know it will be completely destroyed or change. the collapse of the soviet union meant that the future of communism is decided, i think, however long it takes, it will collapse in china too. i believe, yet his tragic sense of life would have kept him from being poly anish about western civilization. human societies like human beings live by faith and die when faith dies, he wrote. certainly, in europe he would see that faith dying. similarly, he would have watched faith in that case, in communism, die in the ussr, and we are seeing faith in com
Dec 9, 2012 4:00pm PST
chemical weapons, passing into the wrong hands. can you imagine, if hezbollah, 70,000 rockets, got its hands on chemical weapons, that could kill thousands of people. >> chris: let's talk about that. the u.s. drew a red line, this week and their red line is different than israel's red line is, if assad uses them against his own people, israel's line, as you say, is if he were to lose control or give the weapons to extremists, which raises the question, how big a presence do jihadists and especially those allies of al qaeda play in the rebels who are opposing and fighting assad and syria? >> we support the president's red line as well, and president netanyahu came out and supported his red line regarding the use of chemical weapons in syria and the jihadi presence is big and getting bigger and the longer the conflict goes on the bigger it will get. >> chris: do you worry about the possibility, yeah, you lose assad, who is no friend of israel but then you get a situation where you have al qaeda factions running part of syria? >> we have long advocated for bashar al-assad's departure. lon
Dec 6, 2012 12:00am PST
. >> there were reports hezbollah set up camps next to these sites. how secure are the site? who is protecting them at this point? who is in charge? >> in charge, are elite troops, as far as we can tell, still loyal to assad, and more or less, we hope sitting tight and doing their job of maintaining-- managing the sites in a safe manner. what could happen in the case of some of these troops deserting the sites with hezbollah having training locations nearby, lots of contingencies can be imagined. so we have to in a way hope that at least these government troops are able to maintain their position and stay, in effect, loyal to their mission, perhaps even more so than the government. >> brown: that's what i assume when we just heard hillary clinton refer to the possible that president assad might lose control of the weapons, or who they would devolve to na sense. >> that's right purpose certainly, some will devolve into the region controlled by the rebels. but the hope is that the individual rebel groups that are operating near these sites will be ones that we are working with or that the jordan
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